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Partners in Education: Auto shop class at Pulaski High School

Posted: 10:18 AM, Jun 08, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-08 11:18:28-04

"What makes this class unique to Pulaski is probably the support we've gotten from the community," Technology instructor at Pulaski High School said.

He says, this year old class, has been a success for students and people who want their cars tuned up.

Students meet three times a week, and the class it's a real life working auto repair shop.

A 1976 Mercedes 280, brought in was not running when the students first got it.

"Worked on it, it runs now" said Dan Martinucci, a senior.

Martinuci, always had a love for working on cars.

"Five six years old, basically when I was able to drive or ride small engine type stuff, you just looked at something as bigger and better," said Martinucci.

He said he's been taught everything in this class, and said his skills will last him a lifetime.