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Partners in Education: Appleton East High School helping launch careers

Posted at 8:19 PM, Aug 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-29 21:19:30-04

APPLETON — Students are getting a head start in their future careers at Appleton East High School.

Principal Matt Mineau of Appleton East High School says a career launch studio, built just last year, has been an asset to his students.

“When they leave high school, it’s not just an ‘Aww I really want to do this’, then they do it, and they say ‘Ah, it's not something I want to do,’” explains Principal Mineau.

The program is easy: students spend 45 minutes of their free time to sign up for an experience with potential companies they have an interest in. With the help of this program, Senior student Spencer Brochtrup says with he was able to narrow down his search.

“I want to go into supply chain management,” said Brochtrup. “Asking questions, about the job and getting more info to see if I really wanted to do that.”

Spencer even connected with Great Northern Corporation Director of New Business Development, Aaron Sass.

“We have three students who we've pulled out of Appy East, out of this program, that we've been able to utilize,” said Sass.

Sass also said he's seen a lot of talent here.

“These kids, they're hungry, they want to know more about it.”

Sass says for his company, it's a win-win to sponsor this program.

“This is the future, these are the kids that are potential employees.”