Partners in Education: Active recess at Doty Elementary gets students ready for class

GREEN BAY, Wis. - "We really want our recess time where kids learn not just about having fun but how to work together and how to interact together, said Natalie Nienhuis," principal of Doty Elementary School. 

Nienhuis, wanted a more active, engaging, recess.

"Sometimes if we notice that there is a class or group of kids, are having issues with play, we'll actually pull them and have recess with them.. and talk about the right way to do things as far as using the rules, being safe, and different things like that, and how to work together, and  be kind to each other," said Nienhuis.

It's important for the kids to play hard, and exercise, according to the school principal.

Whether it's races, kickball, soccer, kids always get a little help from an educator.

The students favorite game, is "duck duck goose."

And with some added benefits in the classroom too, kids said the joy of recess is simple.

"You know when we're playing we get to play tag and everything and run around," said Tayden Delveaux.

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