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Copy of Partners in Education: John Dewey Academy

Posted: 5:33 PM, Aug 16, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-16 18:33:01-04

"Some students just want something different or perhaps they're struggling in their traditional environment so they want something more hands on," said Jenny Agamaite, coordinator of charter schools at John Dewey, she says this school is just like any other high school.

"They are earning the same credits, and learning the same content as all the other high schools in the district," said Agamaite.

Students get excited and are engaged for school, "most popular is through independent projects, we offer group projects, seminars, learning by experiences, and we've added some online courses as well" said Agamaite.

For sophomore Micah Schubring, this type of school is perfect for him.

He was home schooled since he was in first grade, and he said he loves the independence and freedom.

    "Here the most you'll get is like 80 which I think is a great thing, way more personal, i know most of the kids here, it's more of a family type of feel" said Schubring.

Rebecca Delvaux said she also loves the challenge of navigating through self taught projects, "being able to learn and grow..."