Partners in Education:Vietnam Veterans talk with students about time spent

Posted: 5:35 PM, May 17, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-17 22:35:04Z

Army veteran Glen Zimmerman, said he wants to share his experience with kids, who may never get to meet a and hear from a Vietnam Veteran.

"You know, we're gonna be gone and nobody is going to be there to tell our story, this really helps to tell our story," said Zimmerman.

Zimmerman served 15 months, and said it's important for him to educate students.

"We've got it as much stuff as possible displayed including the weapons, everything of course is disabled it's good for the kids to see the stuff we have," said Zimmerman.

The kids are also learning a lot.

"It's different in the history books, and then seeing people talk about it, because history books you're just reading, but you can read their faces more than the pages," said junior Lucy Berg. 

"You can see hear, and then we just let the Vietnam vets, tell the stories, we listen to their stories, their wisdom and experience," assistant principal Dave Voss said.

Students appreciative of the men and women, who have fought for our freedom.

"Hearing them tell about how, dirty and gross it was there, really put me in their places" said Berg.

"It's important to know what people do for their freedom and what happens to those people," said Emily Lemke, a junior.

A history lesson in real life, for a memory that will last a lifetime.