Pancakes And Penguins

Posted: 7:58 AM, Jul 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-07-19 09:11:29-04

Pancakes And Penguins is a morning event at the NEW Zoo aimed at teaching the public about the endangered African Penguins. The Zoo is hosting this breakfast and raising money for the conservation of these penguin species. The goal is to help the struggling penguins out in the wild. 

The African Penguins live in Southwestern Africa in a warmer climate. Habitat decimation has been an issue for the population loss. The penguins come back every year to use their nests and bury their eggs in Guano.

Guano was also realized to be a highly effective fertilizer so farmers are taking this to use for their crops. Overfishing is also an issue. Penguins now are required to swim farther and farther away from shore in order to feed and bring back food for their offspring. 

Folks are able to get a behind a scene tour of the zoo, as well as getting to see the penguins with a photo opportunity on top of an all you can eat breakfast.