Packers to raise tickets average of $5

Posted at 12:49 PM, Feb 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-18 22:15:26-05

The Green Bay Packers are introducing a new variable pricing model for season tickets in 2016, with one set price for preseason games, and another for regular-season games. 

The pricing model includes a two-tier structure that prices preseason tickets significantly lower than regular-season tickets. That model will be applied to a ticket cost which, over all 10 games, will increase an average of $5 per ticket in 2016, an increase of about five percent.

As the organization transitions to using the variable pricing model, in 2016 the overall price of the seven-game Green package will increase and the three-game Gold package will decrease from their 2015 prices, due to the ratio of preseason to regular season games in each package.

After the one-year transition period, any future increases in ticket prices will see each package pricing adjusted proportionally, as they had been in past years.

The mailing sent to season ticket holders included a brochure from the Packers which outlined the new variable pricing model and previewed next season’s home opponents and related events. Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy discussed the pricing for the 2016 season in the mailing.

“We project this will place us 19th in average ticket price, just below the overall NFL average, the benchmark we use annually to help us determine pricing,” Murphy said in the brochure. “We feel that position reflects a great value for the gameday experience at Lambeau Field and also allows us to maintain a fair visiting team share for our NFL partners.”

Tonight, fans are also reacting to the news of pre-season ticket costs with excitement.

"If you don't have the funds to go to a regular game, and decide to go to a pre-season, it's still all part of the experience of coming here and seeing live football," says Packers fan Nick Kania, from Racine.
Denis Lashauer, of Greenville, says he's not sweating the hike in regular season costs.
"Yeah, I think it's fair," says Lashauer. "You've got to remember, we've got world champions here."

With the change in the ticketing model and prices, tickets in respective areas in 2016 will cost:

· End zone seats ($80 in 2015) – $45 for preseason, $95 for regular season

· South end zone, 700 Level ($89 in 2015) – $50 for preseason, $105 for regular season

· End zone to the 20?yard line ($92 in 2015) – $53 for preseason, $108 for regular season

· South end zone, 600 Level ($96 in 2015) – $57 for preseason, $112 for regular season

· Between the 20-yard lines ($105 in 2015) – $62 for preseason, $122 for regular season

As an example with variable pricing, a ticket that cost $80 in 2015 saw its preseason price reduced to $45 in 2016 and the regular-season game price increased to $95.

For the full season, a Green package ticket that cost $560 (one preseason at $80 and six regular season at $80) in 2015 will increase to $615 (one at $45 and six at $95) in 2016.

A Gold package ticket that cost $240 (one preseason at $80 and two regular season at $80) in 2015 will decrease to $235 (one at $45 and two at $95) in 2016.

Payment is due in the Packers’ ticket office March 31.

Lambeau Field premium seat ticket prices this year will also begin transitioning to the variable pricing model. Prices for suites and club seat tickets are set per client contracts. Additional information regarding ticket prices, as well as invoices, will be sent to premium seat ticket holders this week.