Packers players sign fan's prosthetic leg

Posted: 10:34 PM, Sep 08, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-08 23:34:15-04

Charlie Hughes traveled all the way from Idaho to watch the Packers.

Hughes has had prosthetic legs for six years.

"I'm pretty open about it. I don't make up a story. I am a U.S. Army Veteran, but it didn't happen in the military," said Hughes.

He's a diabetic and said infections in his legs didn't heal properly causing him to lose both legs.

"I've dealt with it, and I had a positive attitude the whole time," said Hughes.

Hughes is always sporting his Packers pride on one of his prosthetics and Gonzaga on the other.

"Packers being one of my favorite teams, and Gonzaga because I live in the Northwest," said Hughes.

Hughes tells us he has been coming to Packers games since 1995.

"I'm always excited when I come here," added Hughes.

He and his brothers waited at the gate where players come out.

"We asked them if they'd come over and sign a prosthetic leg, which they never signed, and I got a few players," said Hughes.

He said nearly half a dozen players signed it.

"Makes me feel good, you know. And I think it makes them feel good about doing it, just makes me feel good," added Hughes.

In the past, Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy and Clay Matthews signed his prosthetic. 

"I wouldn't mind getting the coach to sign it, but you know, that'd be a hard one to do, but it'd be fun. You know, or even Aaron Rodgers to sign it," said Hughes.

He said his Packers leg often catches people's attention.

"Probably tomorrow when there's more people here, they'll probably compliment and say that's pretty cool," said Hughes.

He added people are positive towards him, and he shares his story when anyone asks.

"It just kind of hits home and makes me feel good when they say, 'Hey that looks nice.' It just makes me feel good inside," said Hughes.

Hughes added he's happy to be alive and share these special moments at Lambeau Field with his family.