Packers fans react to reported new GM hiring

Green Bay, Wis. - Out with the old and in with the new. Brian Gutekunst will reportedly replace Ted Thompson as general manager of the Packers, leaving fans with one question. Who?

"I thought someone else would've got the job to be honest with you," said Packers fan Ron Ott.

Though Gutekunst may be a relative unknown, many we talked to say while they're appreciative of Thompson's work, they were glad to see his reign come to an end.

"Well when he stepped down I thought it was probably time for him to step down at this point. He's done quite a bit for the team, as far as I'm concerned, you know, but it's time for a change," said Packers fan Mike Hansen. 

While Gutekunst may not have the same name recognition for casual fans as other general manager candidates, those who know who he is say his background in personnel brings a fresh outlook to the job.

"I like Gutekunst's background in scouting. I think it brings a unique aspect to the job, rather than just being focused on player salary. I think he sees talent and he will bring a lot of talent to the Green Bay Packers," said Packers fan Ethan Brouillette.

Gutekunst's team building ability will be put to the test soon, with the NFL Draft only a few months away.

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