Ozuna to spend 30 years in prison for killing man over prescription drugs


A convicted killer learned his fate Tuesday for his part in beating a man and leaving him in a ditch near Clintonville.


25 year old Adam Ozuna was sentenced 30 years in prison for the death of 25-year-old Matthew Pagel.  He entered a no contest plea in court in March.


"Our son was left in a ditch ...beaten, bloodied, bruised, and left for dead,” said Matthew Pagel’s mother, Bonnie Pagel.  “All because of two guys that robbed and deceived him.  That was the most horrific day of our lives."


Bonnie Pagel spoke Tuesday in court before Adam Ozuna's sentencing.  She stood beside her husband Dan.  Through tears she said “family get togethers are not the same." 


Waupaca county prosecutor Veronica Isherwood said Pagel's parents wanted the verdict to be life in prison.


"We explained how the court system worked and while I'm sure they're disappointed, I think they understand,” Isherwood said. “Nothing is ever enough."


17-year-old Zachary Hohn is the second suspect.  Court documents indicate Hohn and Pagel picked up the victim and tried to rob him.  Documents say Hohn held Pagel while Ozuna elbowed him in the face.


Isherwood said Pagel was hoping to buy Adderall from the two for his girlfriend Brenda Anderson.  She said the two defendants did not plan to kill him, they planned to rob him.


Ozuna's attorney in his final statement said that his client started using and selling drugs at the age of 10 and that his blows with his elbow did not kill Pagel.  His attorney said Hohn's choke hold killed Pagel.



The judge said Ozuna was the adult in situation and could have stopped everything.



"It was a combined effort of the two of them and, but not for either one of them he would be alive," he said.



The victim was 25 when he died.  Hohn’s sentencing has been scheduled for August.  He pleaded to the same charge as the man sentenced Ozuna.




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