Oshkosh Police investigating attempted sexual assault

OSHKOSH, Wis. - Oshkosh Police have arrested a 27-year-old man in connection to a reported sexual assault at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh early Sunday morning.

In that situation, police say people nearby saw what was happening and helped the victim get away.

UW-Oshkosh student Lorena Guerrero says she woke up to a notification from her university, saying a man tried to sexually assault a woman near her dorm on the corner of W. Irving Ave. and Cherry St. 

Still, she said she generally feels safe near campus. 

"Usually I do, yes during the daytime. I never really like walk, usually I'm on campus, around people whenever it's nighttime," said Lorena Guerrero, UW-Oshkosh student. 

Police say bystanders were able to help get the victim away from her attacker, but after two previous similar incidents, students say they're concerned. 

"Well it's kind of just scary thinking that I'm on a campus where literally an incident similar to this happened like a week ago. So I mean, just like, what makes these people just do this? Like, I don't understand. It makes the whole campus nervous," said Guerrero. 

Guerrero's boyfriend Logan Krueger says the assaults make him uncomfortable, but appreciates the notifications the campus sends out to keep students aware of situations like this. 

"It's concerning. It's worrisome but I mean it is a bigger school, so I mean, stupid things happen and it's nice that they have these Titan alerts to alert you that so everyone's at least able to watch out for it," says Krueger. 

Titan Alerts let students know after the fact, but university police say students should also use the "blue lights” emergency kiosks if they feel uncomfortable. 

Students can also take advantage of the Safe Walk program, which has an officer escort people on or around campus at night. 


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