NWTC is Offering Active Shooter Training Courses

Posted at 5:36 PM, Mar 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-10 18:36:13-05

Getting murdered at work or at school is becoming all too common across the country. Just 48 hours ago a man opened fire at a Florida Granite shop. Then earlier this year four people were killed at a plant in Kansas while on the clock. So what can we do to stop from becoming the next victim? Today business owners are learning how to teach their employees to make life-saving decisions. 

Today at NWTC, a technical college in Green Bay, business leaders and teachers were welcomed to a course that can better prepare them for a worst case scenario like encountering a active shooter.

Average response time for police to get to the scene of an active shooter is five to six minutes. But it's what you do with that limited time before they arrive that's being discussed today at NWTC.

"The reasoning part of your brain shuts down and the emotional part of your brain takes over and it can't reason," says Randy Schultz the Security and Safety Manager at NWTC describing what happens to people when they are put in such a situation.

One thing business leaders are learning at NWTC is what you can do during the terrifying scenario to have it play out in your favor. The predominant message being shared is to have a game plan and to practice it.

"Repetition is very important in learning life's lessons," says Greg Canner a Corporate Safety Manager for Allied Valve Inc. who was taking the class in.

"So that when a situation arises you can actually take action instead of becoming a victim," adds Rob Williams a firearm safety instructor who is also taking the course.

You can run away if put in a potentially deadly situation, which is often the best option. You can also hide though, which can make you the most vulnerable target if found. Or of course, you can barricade yourself in a room with every last resource available. But above all don’t freeze or panic and do nothing.

"Don't freeze, trust your instincts and get out. If you're wrong, better safe than sorry," adds Canner.

Because while planning for something as awful as an active shooter is, not being prepared for it can make the situation so much worse.

In May NWTC will once again offer the course. It only lasts about four hours but after speaking with those in attendance today you truly do leave with a game plan.