Northeast Wisconsin movie premiere

Posted at 10:51 PM, Apr 06, 2017

The Fox Valley is hitting the silver screen thanks to the work of an Appleton Native.

“Wraith”, is a supernatural thriller inspired by a local ghost story and filmed in the Fox Valley.

The film follows the experience of a family who suddenly find themselves living with a ghost-like presence and, along with several recognizable Hollywood actors, features many local actors, including several girls playing key roles in the film. Local viewers will also recognize several familiar Fox Valley haunts.

The film's director was born in Madison, and graduated from Appleton East.

Director, Michael Sajbel, and his family moved back to the area about ten years ago.

"I always thought I would commute to around the world wherever I would have to do a movie, and then I ran into a bunch of talented people right here in the Fox Valley, and they said let's make a movie, and I was able to raise the money in the Fox Valley to make a movie and here it is,” said Sajbel.