"No credibility to threat" against Bay Port High School

2nd letter sent to parents Wednesday
Posted at 3:51 PM, Apr 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-19 22:46:48-04

UPDATE (Wednesday, April 19th):  Leaders with the Howard-Suamico School District are ensuring parents of Bay Port High School students there is no credible threat to the school.

This comes just 24 hours after rumors of a school shooting, and a fake website surfacing, sparked concern and an investigation.

District leaders reiterated Wednesday in a letter to parents there is no threat, though some parents and students we spoke with today say they're still shaken up by the rumors. They add they're confident they can have a productive end to the school week with students' help.

According to the principal, a fake Facebook page entitled "Bay Port High School Massacre" had been created. 

The Brown County Sheriff has been investigating this, adding students involved are cooperating.

On Wednesday, a second letter from the district was sent to parents, ensuring them assertive measures have been taken to keep everyone safe.

They're also asking parents to have a conversation with their children about proper social media use.




April 19, 2017

Dear HSSD Families and Staff,

We are writing to share an update regarding the recent Bay Port High School threat, related rumors, and fake website.

We have worked directly with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department.  While we are not at liberty to share disciplinary specifics, you have our assurance that assertive measures have been taken to ensure the continued safety of our student body and staff. 

We extend our appreciation for your ongoing patience, support and confidence in our ability to provide a safe learning environment.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to have a conversation with your child about the critical importance of responsible social media etiquette.  With your involvement and assistance, we are confident that we can have a productive conclusion to the school week.  


Damian LaCroix

Mike Frieder 
Bay Port High School Principal


UPDATE:  A rumored threat to Bay Port High School captured on social media was reported to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office on April 12. The report has been and continues to be investigated and monitored, according to the Brown County Sheriff's Office.

The issue centers around a statement reportedly made by a student, then broadcast through the use of social media. Numerous interviews and searches have been conducted and school and sheriff’s office officials agree no credible threat exists. According to the sheriff's office, the students in question and their parents are fully cooperating in the investigation.

Despite the fact that no credible threat has been identified, school officials and law enforcement are taking precautionary and punitive measures to address the original incident as well as the recent information disseminated as a prank, according to the sheriff's department.

According to the sheriff’s office, there is no threat to the students, school or community.


There is no credibility to the rumored threat of a student planning a shooting at Bay Port High School, according to the school's principal.

The rumors started in student conversations and then spread through social media, according to Bay Port Principal Mike Frieder.

Another student then created a fake website entitled "Bay Port High School Massacre," Frieder said.

After an investigation involving Bay Port administration, School Liaison Officer Hacket, and the Brown County Sheriff's Department, it is believed there is no credibility to the threat and no imminent harm to students, according to Frieder.

In accordance with Howard-Suamico School District student handbook guidelines, Frieder said they are considering all disciplinary options, including and up to expulsion.

A police presence will remain at the school as a precautionary measure.