Nelson, Gallagher tackle issues facing 8th Congressional District in debate

Social Security's future leading debate topic
Posted at 10:56 PM, Oct 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-18 00:14:55-04

GREEN BAY, WI -- Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District race is increasingly in the spotlight as November draws nearer.

On Monday night, voters in the region were able to view a debate between Republican Mike Gallagher and Democrat Tom Nelson. 
The issues in this 8th Congressional District race range from concerns over international trade deals, to what to do about social security. And with just 21 days to go before the election, both candidates are trying to make their stances clear for voters.
One issue that has shaped the course of this race lately has been the uncertain future of social security.
Nelson, who is Outagamie County's executive, says people making $118,000 or more should contribute more.
"For a family making $45,000 a year, 100 percent of income is assessed toward social security," explains Nelson in answer to the first question of the debate. "If you make $1 million a year, just 12 percent of your income is assessed toward social security. That's just not fair."
Meanwhile, Gallagher, a businessman and retired Marine, says more roundtable talks about keeping social security solvent need to happen. He also says Nelson's plan would increase taxes for many working Wisconsinites. 
"So, you're not only proposing a massive new tax on Wisconsin families, you're proposing a massive new tax on Wisconsin manufacturers," rebuts Gallagher, "which, in your own words, are already struggling to survive. You not only fail to solve one problem, you create another problem entirely."
Throughout the debate, Nelson also pressured Gallagher on the degree of his support for Donald Trump as president, saying Trump would be unskilled and unprepared to be Commander in Chief.
Gallagher didn't make a definitive statement on his degree of support for Trump, but did make clear to viewers that he was not Trump, and not running for president, preferring to stick to the issues.
On Monday Nelson received an endorsement from the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, which is the state's largest law enforcement group.
Gallagher has received the endorsement of the Milwaukee Police Association, and according to his campaign, has the endorsement of 11 county sheriffs.