Sheboygan City Council postpones voting on resolution to annex part of Wilson

Opponents worried about environmental impact, cost

TOWN OF WILSON, Wis. - A proposed golf course has caused concerns over environmental impact and cost to taxpayers amongst neighbors in the Town of Wilson.

The golf course, proposed by the Kohler Company, would be built on parts of Kohler-Andrae State Park. In order to do that, the Kohler Company is trying to annex parts of Wilson into Sheboygan.

On Monday, opponents of the golf course rallied ahead of the Sheboygan City Council meeting, asking for city council members to vote against the proposal.

The golf course would be a championship level, 18-hole course.

Those against the course said they're worried because the park is located above sand dunes, and construction could cause problems.

"When you look at traffic, water usage and chemicals put onto the course, which may leak into the ground water," said Ryan Burg of Forward Sheboygan. "If their water is poisoned, they can't drink it."

The Kohler Company has not released a statement yet on the protests.

The Sheboygan Common Council needs 11 people to vote yes for the annexation 


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