Neenah man riding out Hurricane Irma in Fort Myers

FORT MYERS, Fla. - At points on Sundays, it's hard to get through Northeast Wisconsin because of Packers home games. 

Keith Kuchenbecker said that's nothing like trying to get out of the Florida Peninsula as Hurricane Irma bared down.

He said he had to go down to Florida to board up his winter home.

Traffic on the evacuation routes was so bad, he got stuck, he said. 

He told NBC26 he also couldn't find a hotel room for several states, so he decided to stay put. 

He said the rain is going sideways and the wind is howling.

"As bad as it is down here, we're one of the fortunate ones. We still have power and the friends that we're staying with from Wisconsin, they have their house down here. He has a 220 generator that is hooked into his house, so if we do lose power, we can start the generator up, and we'll still have power," said Kuchenbecker.

Kuchenbecker also said he knows it's only going to get worse before it gets better. 

"Pretty much, there's nothing that really scares me, and when they said it was going to be a category five coming through, it's pretty scary," said Kuchenbecker.

Kuchenbecker brought down plywood from Wisconsin to board up his house. He says he sold the extra to neighbors at cost because there was none left in stores in South Florida.

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