NBC26 rides aong with the Wisconsin State Patrol

Posted at 8:38 PM, Mar 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-18 08:52:52-04
There was a lot of green in the streets Thursday night, but you might have also seen a lot of red and blue.
Several law enforcement agencies were out patrolling the roads, especially for drunk drivers. State Patrol was out in full force in Outagamie County.
"The biggest focus is everyone's safety," said State Trooper John Vernon. "We just want people to have a good time and get home safe."
NBC26's Marisa DeCandido rode along with Trooper Vernon for a few hours in the Fox Valley, and there were plenty of people out celebrating St. Patrick's Day.  
However, Vernon said drunk driving isn't just a problem on holidays.
"There usually is an increase in people making the wrong decision, getting behind the wheel and driving drunk, but it happens every day, it's not just today," he said.
Troopers say it can be frustrating to see people continually make poor decisions when it comes to driving drunk.
"It's that person's choice to get behind the wheel and drive after they've been drinking," he said. "It's a simple fix: just make the correct choice and get a ride home."
With more officers on the streets, the goal was to have fewer drunk drivers on the road.