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Wisconsin woman survives capsizing boat in Bahamas, captures moments on video

Kelly Schissel from Platteville was on vacation in the Bahamas when she was forced to jump into the ocean after the ferry she was riding started sinking.
Posted at 11:55 AM, Nov 16, 2023

A southwestern Wisconsin woman survived after a tourist boat with more than 100 passengers capsized Tuesday morning off the coast of the Bahamas.

The nightmare was caught on camera by Kelly Schissel. The Platteville woman was one of the dozens of other passengers trying to enjoy a ferry ride when it happened.

US tourist died when a catamaran with more than 100 people sank in the Bahamas

An American tourist died as a result of the accident. The tourist, a 74-year-old woman from Broomfield, Colo., whose name was not released, was on a five-day vacation with her family when the catamaran sank Tuesday morning, Police Chief Chrislyn Skippings told The Associated Press.

The other passengers and crew were rescued. Two other people were taken to a medical facility, police said, but their condition is unknown at this time.

It was not clear how the 74-year-old woman died.

Police said in a statement that the woman was found unconscious when officers helped pull the crew and passengers out of the water. They added that she performed CPR on the dock, where she was pronounced dead.

There were life jackets on the boat and the people on board were wearing them, according to police.

The two-level catamaran began taking on water after leaving Paradise Island for Blue Lagoon Island, a popular destination just north of the capital Nassau.

A video posted on social media shows passengers screaming as the catamaran tilts to one side, and some jump into the water and begin swimming to nearby boats.

Police said the Royal Bahamas Defense Force and other tourist vessels also assisted in the rescue.

The authorities are investigating the causes of the incident.