Ga. teacher resigns after calling student dumb

Posted at 8:56 PM, Mar 16, 2016
A Georgia teacher has reportedly resigned after calling a high school student “the dumbest girl I have ever met,” a statement the teenage girl happened to be recording.
Shaniaya Hunter, 16, was recording the lesson on a school-issued iPad when she asked her teacher a question.
The teacher, Corey Hunter -- who she is not related to -- responded, “I have been around for 37 years and clearly you are the dumbest girl I have ever met.” 
He added that her purpose in life will be to have sex and have babies (listen to the audio clip below).

“It really hurt me inside,” she told local outlet WSB earlier this month.
Hunter resigned at a school boarding meeting Monday night, apologizing for any “disruption” caused by the bizarre ordeal.