B&G Foods releases new Snickers seasoning blend

Snickers Seasoning
Posted at 4:46 PM, Aug 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-01 17:46:32-04

B&G Foods has released a new Snickers Shakers Seasoning Blend, the first official seasoning that captures the flavor of a Snickers bar.

The Shakers Seasoning Blend combines the classic chocolate bar's blend of chocolate, peanut and caramel flavors to recreate the taste of a Snickers bar when added to foods.

It is recommended that the blend be sprinkled on foods and drinks including ice cream, cookies, milkshakes, yogurt, pancakes and pretzels.

"At Mars, we are consumer obsessed and have noticed the clear desire that has emerged among consumers to be able to add the flavors of their favorite confections to both sweet and savory foods," said Michelle Deignan, Senior Brand Director, Mars Wrigley. "We're pleased to partner with B&G Foods to allow consumers to experience the delicious and satisfying taste of Snickers in a completely new, and shake-able, way with Snickers Shakers Seasoning Blend."

The Snickers Shakers Seasoning Blend is the second in a series that Mars has with B&G foods, the first blend being the Twix Shakers Seasoning Blend released in 2021.

"We're pleased to expand our wildly popular licensed seasoning blends line with the addition of Snickers, one of the most iconic chocolate bars of all time," said Jordan Greenberg, President of Spices & Seasonings and Executive Vice President of B&G Foods. "With the introduction of Snickers Shakers Seasoning Blend, everyone can now shake the Snickers taste they love onto their favorite snacks and treats."

The new Snickers-inspired seasoning is rolling onto shelves nationwide this month.

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