Trump to hold events in Appleton & Green Bay

Posted at 4:11 PM, Mar 26, 2016
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Updated 3/29

A liberal arts college might not be the first place you'd expect Donald Trump to sway voters, but that's one of his stops in northeast Wisconsin Wednesday morning. NBC26 shares some of the details about Trump's visit to Saint Norbert College in De Pere.

Expect all the major national media outlets and as many as 700 ticket holding spectators to take in the show Wednesday morning. And at this point, you should also expect protestors weighing in on Trump’s visit.

It's just another perfect weathered day at St. Norbert College, but come Wednesday morning the political storm could begin to brew.

"On Facebook I was already invited to a sit in to try and protest. A very peaceful protest at least, of Donald Trump and his antics," says Michael Gehm a Junior at St. Norbert College.

100 college students including Gehm and Bobbit Schlenvogt will be in attendance at the town hall meeting.

"I'm actually very excited. I’ve never had the opportunity to see a candidate before. So I think this is a once in a lifetime chance," says Schlenvogt.

"I think it's really cool that St. Norbert offers these kinds of things to come in and allow the candidates to speak to us on the issues that they want to talk to us about and be informed on," adds Gehm.

 While 100 seats were given to Trump's town hall meeting through the campus, another 600 spectators were issued tickets through Trump's team. The two college students who shared with NBC26 felt lucky to score the once in a lifetime opportunity.

"As an educated voter I want to take an unbiased stance and just see what he has to say," adds Schlenvogt.

College leaders say Mr. Trump reached out to them to host the event and they accepted. As they put it, they used the same protocol they would any for any Presidential hopeful that wanted to use their campus as a backdrop.

"We believe that all conversation is good. We want to expose our students to things that they agree with and things that they don't agree with so they can make an informed decision as they're moving through life," says Father Jay Fostner the Vice President for Student Affairs at St. Norbert College.

So as Trump’s team makes their way to De Pere and northeast Wisconsin waits for his message, the country will have to wait as the undecided voters make their decision in what's become our battle ground state.

Trump will take center stage at Saint Norbert College Wednesday morning at 10 a-m. If you don't have a ticket by now you're likely not going to get on campus. But a peaceful protest is scheduled along 3rd Street South in De Pere at the same time as Trump’s visit. 



Original Story...

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump will in Appleton and Green Bay on Wednesday for a trio of campaign events. 

The first event is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. at St. Norbert College's Walter Theatre,  according to a Trump campaign website.

The second event is scheduled for 2:00 PM at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel  

Trump has also scheduled a town hall meeting at UW Green Bay at 4:00 PM that day.  That event will be hosted by Chris Matthews of MSNBC.

With 42 delegates on the line in the April 5 primary, Wisconsin is a critical test for Trump to win the delegates he needs to secure the nomination.

MSNBC has hosted 10 previous town halls with Republican and Democratic presidential candidates this campaign season, including Chris Christie(R), Hillary Clinton(D), John Kasich(R), Martin O’Malley(D), Marco Rubio(R) and Bernie Sanders(D).