Monday storm called "rare event" by public works

Posted: 5:16 PM, Sep 18, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-18 23:30:58-04

This storm came so quickly and brought so much rain that parts of the city, including buildings and cars, just couldn't keep up.

Officials at Green Bay Public Works say the data they're getting back shows that this storm is an extremely rare event. Their models tell them that the probability of seeing three inches in 90 minutes is beyond a 100-year-storm, it should happen about once a century!

Officials also say, when it comes to getting six inches in two hours like they may have last night, they don't even have published data to tell them how rare that is. They say it's something the city's infrastructure just can't prepare for.

"There were periods of time last night where it got downright scary with the amount of water that had built up,” says Green Bay Director of Public Works, Steve Grenier. “When you have that much water coming down in that short a period of time, you just overload that storm sewer. It can't keep up."

The storm last night had fire and public works departments in Green Bay working through the night.

Cleanup from this storm is going to continue for days ahead. The city will be doing a one-week free bulk-waste collection to help people get rid of damaged property.