Gallagher announces congressional run

Posted at 5:29 AM, Feb 29, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-29 06:29:48-05

Add another name to the list of people hoping to take Reid Ribble’s seat in Wisconsin’s 8th Congressional District.

It was a packed house at Gallagher’s Pizza in (WHERE??) where many came to see Mike Gallagher announce his candidacy.

The Wisconsin veteran was introduced by his father, who said his son will be the best man for the job, because he cares about the country.

“He said you name one job I can get right out of college that 100 people depend on my skill and intelligence, and I’ll take it, otherwise I’m joining the Marines,” said John Gallagher, Mike’s father.

When it came time for Mike Gallagher to speak, he made sure to highlight how the country’s defense was connected to the country’s economy

“Five years from now we are going to be spending more money on debt interest than in defending our country,” said Mike Gallagher.

He also added he’s not concerned about his lack of experience, saying “People want new leaders. We need a new generation of leaders; people are tired of the status quo.”

He says his next steps will be visiting the 11 counties in the 8th district to prove he’s the right man, and ready to earn the job.

Since Reid Ribble announced he will not be seeking reelection, the candidate list includes Republican State Senator Frank Lasee, Wendy Gribben of Marinette County, and Republican Terry McNaulty of Forestville.