Menasha schools find help for teacher shortage

Posted at 6:21 PM, Mar 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-08 10:20:20-05

MENASHA, Wis.- A teacher shortage across Wisconsin has many school struggling to fill open positions, but one local school district is taking a unique approach.

The Menasha School District is partnering with Oshkosh Corporation and hopefully several other companies soon, in a reference system that could help them fill open positions with qualified candidates.

"It's just a really different environment right now and we're trying to adapt and change to that environment," said Menasha School District human resource director, Peter Pfundtner.

Pfundtner says he's hopeful the new partnership will work.
"We're trying hard to stay collaborative and work together as organizations and so branching into the business sector and working with them for recruitment of talent is a natural next step," said Pfundtner.
That collaborative effort is crucial for the community as a whole according to Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce education director, Patti Andresen-Shew.
"Really that lays the foundation for the community's economic development and the continuance of a strong education system that betters all of us," said Andresen-Shew.
Menasha schools aren't reaping all the benefits of this proposal.  If they hear of someone who has a skill needed in another district they'll help them too.
"I would help them get connected with licensing and the steps that they would have to take to license in Wisconsin as well as connect them to other HR directors," said Pfundtner.
The Menasha School District is hoping to partner with other businesses in the area.  They've already sent requests to Kimberly-Clark as well as several other companies and are waiting to hear back.