Man released from hospital after Menasha shooting

Police still searching for shooter

MENASHA, Wis. - A man has been released from the hospital after a shooting early Tuesday morning in Menasha.

The shooting happened around 2 a.m. in the 800 block of London Street, Menasha Police said. Multiple shots were fired from outside into a home, according to officers.

Investigators found about seven bullet holes outside, and police said a semi-automatic handgun was used.

A 30-year-old man received a non-life threatening head wound from shrapnel and debris, but was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

Five to six people were also in the home at the time. Several adults live there, according to police.

Officers said a fight could have sparked the shooting.

"We're not sure at this point if there was a vehicle involved," said Lt. Matt Lenss with the Menasha Police Department. "There are different witness statements, so we're looking into all those."

One neighbor said the shooting woke him up, but he did not think it was anything serious because the neighborhood is normally safe.

"I just really thought it was fireworks or something. I wasn't nervous at all until I woke up and got texts from friend, asking if I was OK, then we realized what had happened," said Phil Hunter.

Police are still searching for the shooter, but do not believe it was someone who was inside the home before the shooting.

Investigators said the act was not random, and the public is not in any danger. 



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