Marquette poll: Walker, Evers in dead heat, Baldwin leads Vukmir in close race

One of two results in the Marquette University Law School poll has incumbent Governor Scott Walker and Democratic challenger Tony Evers in a dead heat.

Among likely voters, both Evers and Walker have 46 percent support in the new poll released Wednesday. Among registered voters, Walker has a 46-44 advantage on Evers.

In the U.S. Senate race, incumbent Tammy Baldwin has a two percent advantage on Republican challenger Leah Vukmir, 49 to 47. Among registered voters, Baldwin has a 51-43 advantage.

In other questions the poll tracked:

The three most important issues facing Wisconsin are:
1) Jobs/economy
2) K-12 education
3) Health coverage

Is Wisconsin heading in the right direction?
- 51% yes, 43% no

Gov. Walker's job performance:
- Likely voters: 50% approve, 47% disapprove
- Overall: 48% approve, 45% disapprove

State of Wisconsin public schools compared to a few years ago:
- Better: 15%
- Same: 34%
- Worse: 44%

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