Marathon County law enforcement honored


At Northland Lutheran High School six officers who died in the line of duty were honored, but the death of Detective Jason Weiland of the Everest Metro Police Department during a shootout in 2017is still fresh in so many people's minds.

"All of a sudden the call came out, 'officer down, shots fired' and I know I struck my steering wheel real hard with my fist, because I knew we had just lost an officer,” said Scott Sparks, Marathon Co. Sheriff.

Marathon County District Attorney Theresa Wetzsteon was the keynote speaker and knew Weiland.

She says his death left an impact on the community.

"I've been a prosecutor here since 2002, and I grew up in Marathon. I always thought that our county was supportive of law enforcement, but now it's more visible, I think,” said Wetzteon.

Wetzsteon was the part of the group from Marathon County that attended the National Police Memorial Service in Washington D.C. this week where Weiland's name is now etched in stone.

While this service is on a smaller scale, officers are walking away with the same feeling.

It's still an honor. You still feel a sense of pride for the profession we're in, and any recognition is always nice,” said Chief Clay Schulz, Everest Metro Police Dept.

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