Man's inspirational journey to Lambeau Field in a wheelchair nears end

 The journey for a man making the trek to Lambeau from Janesville in his wheelchair is almost over.

Dennis Schulze lost his leg in a tragic accident, but he's take the experience and is using it to inspire others. He travels long distances on his wheelchair, to raise money for five different charities and he's decided to head to Lambeau Field because he loves the Packers so much.

Schulze's journey to Lambeau began February 9, but as of Sunday he's less than one week away from completing his journey.

Schulze says it's the stories and generosity he sees along the way that make it all worth it and he's glad he can inspire people too.

"First it was kind of awkward, I mean I didn't know I was going to get this much publicity or touch this many hearts.  It makes me feel really good people are inspired by my story," said Schulze.

Schulze says he's expecting to walk the final part of his journey Saturday, March 25.  He will walk from Stadium View Par in Ashwaubenon to the doors of Lambeau Field.


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