Man raising money for colleague fighting cancer


While many were running for their best time yet, or to take that journey into their prime physical shape, some runners were pushing ahead for others at the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Sunday morning. NBC26 shares the story of one marathon runner who was raising money for a fellow teacher of his, who's fighting cancer.

Allison Hartzell, a Texas middle school school teacher, is currently battling stage four oral cancer. Today she's optimistic that a trial drug treatment could save her voice and possibly cure her, but it's expensive and the cost is out of pocket.

That's where her assistant principle and friend at her school comes in. Bruce Hermans, who's originally from Green Bay, ran his first marathon on Sunday and raised nearly 60-thousand dollars for Allison’s treatment. He did so by promising supporters that he would put on a Dallas Cowboys or Green Bay Packers jersey during the last mile of the race, depending on which fan base raised more money for Allison. At mile number 25 Bruce put on a Cowboys jersey at Lambeau Field as supporters pushed Cowboy fans to the forefront of donations.

"I don't know if I've ever felt this much love for people knowing I don't have to go this journey alone. It has made me want to fight harder," says Allison Hartzell.

While Allison is a Cowboy's fan and Bruce is a Packers die hard, they both were overwhelmed how the two powerhouse franchises from opposite sides of the country came together today, for the support of one teacher fighting cancer.

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