Homeless man dies after being found in garbage truck in Green Bay

GREEN BAY, Wis. - A homeless man has died after falling asleep in a dumpster and being found in a garbage truck.

Alexia Wood,  the Executive Director at St. John's Evangelist Homeless Shelter, refers to the victim as Tom.

According to Alexia Wood, Executive Director of St. John's Evangelist Homeless Shelter, the shelter only takes in people overnight from November 1 through April 30.

The man was taking shelter inside a dumpster behind St. Willebrord Catholic Church. The man woke up when the dumpster was emptied into the garbage truck, according to police.

Police say he was taken to a hospital and later died.

"You look for the right words to say, even if in my position of leadership to find the right things to say to guest or staff, but in reality, there are no words," said Wood.
Wood says this isn't the first time a homeless person has died because of having nowhere to go.

"It was a preventable tragedy. It seems senseless and it really compels those of in the community and providers to figure out how do we come to the table and make sure this doesn't happen again," said Wood.

She says staff members fill continue fighting to make sure no homeless person is left behind again.

The Brown County Homeless and Housing Coalition released a statement Thursday, saying:

“We are heartbroken over the news of the accidental death of the homeless man who was sleeping in a downtown Green Bay dumpster. This tragic event unfortunately highlights the unseen reality of homelessness experienced by many individuals and families in Brown County. Despite the ongoing and committed efforts of hardworking service providers to connect our homeless neighbors to available resources in our community, there remains a lack of safe and affordable housing for many. The Brown County Homeless and Housing Coalition will continue, and encourages others to join, efforts that build a compassionate community with safe housing for all."

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