Man accused of offering money to juveniles for sex at a campground

Posted at 4:25 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 18:14:43-04

A man is accused of offering money to juveniles for sex in Brown County. It happened last week at the Apple Creek Campground where some families were staying for the Family Night Packer Game. 

According to a criminal complaint, Richard Davenport allegedly approached a boy in the bathroom and offered the boy money in exchange for being alone with the boy's sister.

Also in the complaint, an employee at the campground told a sheriff's deputy that Davenport had tried to buy a slushy and pay for video games for another girl who was in the video game room area. The girl told the employee that Davenport was scaring her. 

The complaint says the boy's father found and chased Davenport off the campground and onto the highway. Davenport apparently flagged down a car on the highway and got in. Deputies later tracked down Davenport and detained him. 

The criminal complaint says Davenport was staying at the campground with his wife, who told deputies that they had just moved from North Carolina and were staying at the campground until they found another place to live. The wife said they don't have any children of their own. The complaint says a deputy found stuffed animals and a Spiderman cartoon bag inside Davenport's camper during a search. 

As deputies questioned Davenport, the criminal complaint says he gave contradicting statements. At one point, Davenport began to cry and stated that he did not touch anybody and did not commit any crimes. 

Investigators also searched Davenport's phone. According to the criminal complaint, a crime analyst says she found child pornography images on the phone. The probable cause statement says she also found several search terms on the device such as "Wisconsin girls nude" and "Wisconsin teenie porn".

Davenport appeared in court on Friday. He has been charged with one count of Child Enticement and one of Possession of Child Pornography.