Maki family thanks community; physical needs met

Posted at 4:28 PM, Feb 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-22 17:29:25-05

Chris and Kristi Maki have released a statement to the press and community to help answer some of the questions people have asked in follow up to the tragic home fire they experienced on Jan. 26.

“We want to thank our community, church, and families so much for the amazing outpouring of support. You have all been a great comfort to us during this very difficult time. We know that God will sustain us through the unimaginable, and all of you have been the hands of Jesus, truly showing love.”

“Many people have asked how they can help our family. First, we cherish your continued prayers for us as we take steps to move forward.”

“We are humbled that over 1,700 of you shared your name and email address with our church in the hope that you could be notified of needs we may have. With the fundraisers that have already occurred and home insurance, our physical needs are met thanks to the generosity of so many.”

However, if in your heart you continue to feel compelled to give in memory of our children, we would encourage you to redirect your giving to bless any of the following ministries that are near to our family’s heart:

1. CHURCH: Crossroads NEXTGEN Ministries – Children and Youth Ministries of the Maki’s home church – Please make check payable to “Crossroads Community Church” and put “NextGen Ministries” in the memo. Mail to: Crossroads Community Church, PO Box 1427, Sheboygan, WI 53082-1427.

2. COMMUNITY: Campus Life – Youth and Family Ministry in Sheboygan

3. WORLD: Living Hope International – Orphanage in Mexico

“We continue to move forward with the strength that only God can give us. As we endeavor to do this, we respectfully ask for privacy during this time and will not be doing any interviews with the media. With love, Chris, Kristi, and Jenna.”