Local Political Parties React to Second Presidential Debate

Posted at 5:30 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 23:46:43-04
At the Outagamie County Republican Party Headquarters the phones ringing off the hook following Paul Ryan's announcement not to defend Donald Trump.  That announcement comes after the release of a video showing Trump talking about inappropriately grabbing women.
"We love Trump for what he stands for and his positions, what he's done as an individual and said is unacceptable," said Outagamie Republican Party vice chair, Jim Duncan.
Following Sunday night's debate a CNN/ORC poll declared Hillary Clinton the winner at 57 percent to Trump's 34 percent.
Political analysts are weighing in.
"It was very much a sort of back and forth of the candidates accusing one another of various things and I just thought the tenure and nature of it was something that did a disservice to the public," said UW Fox Valley assistant professor of political science, George Waller.
Still it's these debates that people will need to cast a vote on and neither candidate is perfect.
Political experts we spoke with say Hillary Clinton is struggling to gain trust following her email scandal.
"That probably was a mistake okay, however there they have never been able to prove that it was attacked and that classified information ever got out," explained Outagamie County Democratic Party vice chair, Jeanette Beschta.
Political experts say Donald Trump is struggling among women and his own political party.
"This is a very polarizing election you either love him or you hate him," said Duncan.
The final presidential debate is scheduled for October 19, after that America will choose it's next leader.