Local organization helping families at border

Posted: 10:46 PM, Jun 20, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-20 23:46:15-04

The separation of families at the border has sparked some conversation around the issue and a Northeast Wisconsin organization says they're getting calls asking how people living here can help. 

Catholic Charities is one of the organizations in Green Bay who has a connection to other agencies that are directly assisting families at the border.

Leaders with Catholic Charities said it is hard to know exactly what is happening at the border, but they have spoken with partners on the ground.

They said they have received calls recently from people in our area.

"People are moved by this. They're seeing the stories and want to do something to help,” said Peter Weiss, Catholic Charities’ Living Justice Advocate.

Right now, they recommend giving money so agencies at the border can purchase items that can help unaccompanied minors.

Weiss added, they don't want laws broken, just enforced differently.

"There's got to be ways that we can enforce the law. We're in favor of enforcing the law but there's got to be ways that we can enforce the law without pulling apart families and children,” said Weiss.
U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session also discussed immigration law yesterday.

"Our goal is to make the nation safer and to make sure that people who violate our laws are punished. We can't, we can't have a society in which people commit crimes all over the place and nothing happens,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Catholic Charities’ leaders added, regardless of people breaking the law, they should still be shown respect.

"We see this as just a matter of dignity that people deserve to be treated with respect. Separating parents and children doesn't affirm that dignity,” said Weiss.

If you donate to Catholic Charities in Green Bay, they send that money to the 21 agencies in their organization at the border.