Local non-profits Help Out with the Cost of Prom

Posted at 6:57 PM, Mar 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-05 20:17:45-05

It's getting to be that time of year where high school kids start planning their prom. But for many students the cost of that night is a huge financial burden for them and their families. Today the YWCA and United Way helped to ease that cost by donating everything a girl needs for her big night.

The average cost to get ready for prom today is over 900 dollars and most will only be seen in the dress once. But talk to a teenager and they'll tell you prom is more about the memories and the confidence you get after getting dressed up, then what so many spend, to make the night special.

At the YWCA in Green Bay the prom preparation has begun for dozens of young women.

"Found this dress and absolutely fell in love with it," says Sophomore Lyssabeth Kaster who is prepping for her big night.

"I like this one a lot. Last year I had a silver one so pink is a big upgrade," jokes another Sophomore Medora Flett.

And it doesn't stop at just a dress. These girls are also getting makeup, shoes, necklaces, really all the accessories needed. And something else too, something you can't really put your finger on.

"It's a pretty great feeling to know that they feel beautiful and that's what I want. I want a girl to feel beautiful and empowered so when she walks in a room she carries herself in a way that is reflective of who she is on the inside. And that's a powerful amazing young lady," says event organizer Andria Hannula of the Brown County United Way.

All 200 plus dresses and everything else was donated so that these high school kids can forget about price tags and focus on important teenager stuff related to prom.

"Some of the stresses that really come in is finding a place to eat that isn't already booked or getting hair and makeup done in time," adds Flett.

"You get to see all these other girls in amazing dresses all looking beautiful, everyone just coming out dancing, having fun, taking pictures and making memories," adds Kaster.

And while the memories of the special night will likely fade with time. The dresses that produced the attitudes and the confidence, that's a gift that at least a couple of young women would like to see shared for longer than just one night.

"I don't really see a thing in the future for needing it so I’m probably gonna donate it back," adds Flett.

 "When she graduates she wants to take a picture of all of her dresses. So she's gonna keep them until then. Then maybe we'll bring them here. We should definitely do that too," adds Kaster.

The YWCA in Green Bay also has a Women's Career Closet opened 3-days a week to the public. There women can advance their wardrobe for free, four times a year. We've included a link below on how you can connect with them.