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'You just keep going': Milwaukee Dancing Grannies to return to Waukesha Christmas Parade

With each step, the Dancing Grannies will perform for Leanna Owen, Virginia Sorenson, Tamara Durand, and Bill Hospel.
Posted at 9:23 AM, Dec 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-03 10:23:49-05

MILWAUKEE — Sunday the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies will return to the Waukesha Christmas parade, proving they are not only Waukesha Strong, but Granny Strong.

TMJ4's Shannon Sims spent the evening at rehearsal as they prepared to step out and honor their former members.

When the Milwaukee Dancing Grannies practice, it is all business.

"I believe we started practicing Christmas songs either late August or early September," recalls Betty Streng. "There was probably less than two months to learn the Christmas songs."

Streng is one of the OG's - original grannies. In the last year, they have recruited a number of new members like Pam Junion.

Junion admits the routines are not for the faint at heart. I had to ask how she keeps up.

"Well, hard. You just keep going. The crowd gets you... I don't know, the energy that they give you is just overwhelming," she answered.

With each eight count, kick, and pom-pom twist, these ladies have brought holiday cheer to parades year after year but on Sunday their performance in the Waukesha Christmas parade will have a special meaning.

"It'll mean we've kept on dancing, which is what Ginny always said. Keep on dancing," said Streng.

Last year, the Dancing Grannies lost three of their members when an SUV plowed through the route.

And so, with each step, they will dance for Leanna Owen, Virginia Sorenson, Tamara Durand, and volunteer Bill Hospel.

"We've kept going no matter how hard, no matter what obstacles. We've made it and we're going stronger than ever," said Streng.