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Wisconsin students will plant trees at school thanks to Bucks' "Trees for Threes"

Howard Elementary School
Posted at 12:00 AM, Sep 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-09 13:36:38-04

HOWARD (NBC 26) — Third graders at Howard elementary will soon be getting their hands dirty, planting four trees in back of the school.

“It's calming, it's beautiful and you can even learn so much about the world around you and appreciating the environment that we have," said Kristin Ashley, school principal. "We can all take care of it when we work together.”

It's important for kids to leave class and get out on the grass, said Ashley.

“Here we have a lot of kids that don't necessarily have big yards and get to watch trees grow," she said. "And so this is a great way that we get to show that to our kids, and our young ones get to learn about the trees as part of their science, and our older ones get to look at the lifestyle of the tree.”

These trees are thanks to "Trees for Threes;" for every three pointer the Milwaukee Bucks make at home during the regular season, American Transmission Company donates one tree. This year, 549 trees are going to schools all over the state.

“They can be involved with a planting event, they can see what it takes to actually plant a tree in the ground," said Jody Lau, American Transmission Co. Corporate Communications Project Manager. "How far you have to dig what how do you have to care for a tree, particularly when it is a newly planted.”

This is the fifth year of Trees for Threes, and American Transmission Co. has already given more than two thousand trees to almost 200 schools.

“No matter what we're going to keep shooting threes," said Arvind Gopalratnam, Milwaukee Bucks Corporate Social Responsibility Vice President. "So hopefully there's some great opportunities to take that success on the garden and provide them, whether they're schools all around the state or other opportunities to continue to beautify.”