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Wisconsin-inspired corn maze attracts fall lovers, near and far

A Wisconsin-inspired corn maze in southern Door County is the perfect way to embrace the fall weather and learn more about the state's rich history.
Posted at 6:39 AM, Oct 12, 2023

FORESTVILLE (NBC 26) — If someone tells you to "get lost," you would likely take offense, but getting lost in the Red Barn Corn Maze in Forestville is the perfect way to embrace the fall weather and northeast Wisconsin's beauty.

Red Barn Corn Maze Owner Jan Guilett started the fall project two years ago, and she's proud of how far it's come and how much attention it's getting.

NBC 26 Meteorologist Gino Recchia captured drone video of the entire maze that you can watch here:

Red Barn Corn Maze drone video

"We've decided to feature and honor Wisconsin's 175th anniversary of becoming a state," Guilett said.

Guilett says the hours of planning, organizing and cutting through corn have been worth every single second.

"Just seeing families having fun, and hearing people say, "We really needed this this weekend," or "This is something that the community really needs, is to have something that you can kind of come together and have fun, and that's exactly why we started this," Guilett said.

Guilett says the entire maze takes about an hour to complete, and if you cut the rough and do it a little quicker, you can have your picture taken in one of the many different locations - specifically designed for a photo opportunity.

"We do give everybody a map to go through so you don't need to just wander through and figure it out," Guilett said.

Aside from the maze, there's all sorts of activities for kids to enjoy.

"Sometimes people can spend a couple of hours just spending time with all of the things we have on our grounds before they even get to the maze," Guilett said.

There's also an opportunity to enjoy other fall activities at the Red Barn Corn Maze like picking pumpkins, drinking apple cider or enjoying the homemade apple slingshot.

That includes everything from feeding the farm animals, sipping hot apple cider and enjoying the countless games like hitting your target on a homemade apple slingshot, or rolling down the hay-bail slide made of PVC pipes.

Guillet says being able to share her family's love for fun and fall was her inspiration behind starting this project.

Red Barn Corn Maze

"Our family really enjoyed going to corn mazes, and now we're really happy to share that and give that experience to so many other people," Guilett said.

The Red Barn Corn Maze is open weekends, and it sits on the edge of Southern Door County in Forestville.

If you're traveling from across the state with your family, you'll get to see mother nature showing off her natural beauty for the rest of the month.