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Wisconsin couples excited to tie the knot and finally plan their dream wedding

Cake vendors at the Wedding Show: Winter Edition at the Resch Center
Wedding Show: Winter Edition at the Resch Center
Wedding Show: Winter Edition
Posted at 3:57 PM, Feb 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-20 16:57:29-05

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — This weekend people came out to the Resch Center to attend the Wedding Show: Winter Edition.

“People are having weddings again”, said event organizer, Amy Shadian.

After the past year with coronavirus canceling many weddings and placing a lot of restrictions, Shadian says as things continue to open up a lot of brides and grooms are finally excited to begin the planning process for their weddings.

“This is an industry just like the event industry where there wasn’t a lot going on in the last year. So all the vendors here are so excited to see the brides and grooms and to meet with the bride’s entourage and the groom’s family”, Shadian said.

The expo had dozens of vendors for couples who either already knew what they wanted and were just looking for the right business that could accommodate them or the vendors also provided inspiration for those couples who were just starting to wedding plan.

“There’s cakes, there’s photographers, any kind of vendor you can think of. They’re so excited when they walk in the door”, Shadian said.

For many people walking through the doors of the event center, this part of the wedding experience is something they’ve been looking forward to their whole lives.

“This is the day they’ve been dreaming of for forever. Knowing that we’re getting to a place where these things can happen, brides and grooms are very excited”, Shadian said .

With the reality of Covid-19 and as we continue to navigate through this pandemic, she said vendors are taking the proper precautions to make sure guests not only have fun but also stay safe.

“A lot of venues are looking at the same procedures for when they have their weddings at their places. It’s just about keeping up with what the CDC recommends and doing what is going to work with each venue as each venue is a little bit different”, Shadian said. “But yeah it’s really important that people keep that in the back of their mind if they’re planning a wedding, if they are getting married this year that there may be some restrictions this year and to kind of go with it.”

For one area couple they say coming out to the wedding show was much needed as they try to finalize plans and secure vendors.

“Trying to figure out how to get things organized and done. Looking for music, decorations, flowers, and everything", a soon to be bride said.

However, with Covid still a reality the couple says they will have to cut down on the number of guests they are able invite.

“Size obviously, I mean everyone wants it 100 guests or less. I’m from a big family so that covers a lot of my family initially", said Jim Tennie.

But besides the amount of people, most couples I spoke with say planning is going much smoother than expected.

“I mean there’s stuff this year that it’s affected where you can’t have as many people, which is why we’re planning farther out. But as far as vendors and how that goes, we’re just getting what we have always wanted”, said Tori Roeser.