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Wisco Kidz drop underdog anthem 'Believe in 10ve' after Jordan Love's wild card triumph

Posted at 5:44 PM, Jan 16, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-17 15:28:06-05
  • Local Hip-hop collective drops new Packers theme song
  • The Southwest High School grades create "Believe in 10ve" as a follow-up to 2017 fan hit
  • Wisco Kidz to perform new song at halftime at Crown & Common’s Packers watch party at 1139 Main St, Green Bay, WI 54301

In the aftermath of Jordan Love's triumph over the Dallas Cowboys in the wild-card game, the world has taken notice of the young QB’s talent.

Riding on the wave of this momentum, local hip-hop collective Wisco Kids, comprised of Southwest High School graduates, has unleashed a new anthem, "Believe in 10ve," seven years after their last Packers hit, "Run the Table."

Freshly minted out of Struck Studio, a music studio in Green Bay's downtown Bellin building,"Believe in 10ve" is poised to become the underdog fight song that Packers fans don't know they were missing.

"We knew when the timing was right, we were going to make something happen," says Wisco YD, member of the 2-man Hip-Hop collective, Wisco Kidz in an exclusive interview.

Wisco YD and Wisco Kyrie, wrote "Believe in 10ve" as a love letter to their hometown heroes and an anthem to motivate both players and fans. The song's upbeat vibe aims to give the Packers the extra boost they need as they continue their quest for success in the playoffs.

"Our team, because as young as they are and doing what they are doing right now, and to have someone in their city write a song about them should give them so much more momentum to go out and win," shares Wisco Kyrie.

With name-dropping lyrics that aim to rally Titletown, Wisco Kidz hopes that "Believe in 10ve" will become the go-to track for fans as the Packers make their way through the playoffs. The group believes that the song's impact will extend beyond the football field, symbolizing a success story and representing more than just the game itself.

"I've always rooted for the underdog. In the beginning, I can honestly say there were a couple of times I was like, I don't know... But to see him turn it around, it's like a success story; it represents so much more than football," expresses Wisco YD.

Wisco Kyrie and Wisco YD announced that "Believe in Love" will be available for download on Apple Music and Spotify starting this Friday.

You can listen to the entire song by clicking HERE

Wisco Kidz will be performing their new song at Crown & Common’s Packers watch party at halftime located at 1139 Main St, Green Bay, WI 54301.