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Winneconne Police seize first case of 'Pink' -- deadly mix of fentanyl, carfentanil, heroin

Posted at 4:16 PM, Jan 29, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-29 17:23:51-05

WINNECONNE (NBC 26) — Winneconne Police say they have seen various forms of fentanyl recently, but a deadly mix of fentanyl and opioids called "Pink" seized last week was a first for the department.

On January 24, police received an anonymous tip that a man was working at a local business and appeared "high" to the tipster, according to Winneconne police. The tipster also gave the man's partial name and a description of a vehicle that he was suspected of driving.

The investigating officer was able to locate a vehicle somewhat matching the tipster's description and was ultimately able to make contact with the man as he exited his workplace. Through prior records checks, the officer found the suspect, a 33-year-old man from the Berlin area, was on probation for possession with intent - amphetamine (>10g-50g), along with possession of narcotics.

The officer, who has advanced drug school training, noticed signs of impairment which was in violation of the man's probation rules, according to police. The suspect admitted to having needles with him used for "cocaine and fentanyl." A search was conducted, and several used syringes, including one loaded with 40cc of a pink liquid, was located. The man told the officer the liquid was fentanyl.

After being placed into handcuffs, a thorough search was conducted and a suspicious bulge was felt in the man's pants. While the suspect was removing a glass jar from inside his pants, the officer noticed suspicious movements and was able to stop the suspect from disposing the contents of the jar, which contained more fentanyl in rock form.

As the investigation evolved, a 22-year-old from the Neenah area in the suspect's vehicle was found to also be on probation for two charges of possession of methamphetamine, along with one charge of possession of amphetamine/LSD. Police conducted a search of her and the man's vehicle. More used syringes were located, including a tourniquet and a soda can that contained more fentanyl, which was used for the mixing/diluting of the substance for intravenous use via the syringes.

The man took ownership of all of the contraband located and was subsequently arrested for his probation violations, according to police. Several drug-related charges will be forwarded to the Winnebago County District Attorney's Office for consideration.

The substance later field-tested positive for the presence of fentanyl and opioids which correlates to a substance known as "Pink", which also goes by other street names such as "Pinky" and "Pink Death," police said.

Winneconne Police said they thank Omro Police for providing backup to the investigating officer and the anonymous tipster who helped initiate the investigation.

Those who witness any suspicious activity or substance looking like what is in the photo above are asked to call police. Tipsters can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward, according to Winneconne police.