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Whooping cough circulating in Fond du Lac County, reports health department

Health experts warn of whooping cough outbreaks in these areas
Posted at 4:47 PM, Jul 10, 2024

FOND DU LAC (NBC 26) — 15 cases of Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, are circulating in Fond du Lac County, says the Fond du Lac County Health Department.

The department and health providers are assisting with these cases in order to minimize exposure to the community until these patients are no longer contagious.

Pertussis, or whooping cough, is a very contagious upper respiratory infection caused by bacteria and known for causing long and constant episodes of coughing. Pertussis can affect anyone, but infections can be more dangerous for pregnant women, immunocompromised patients, and babies less than 1 year old.

The Fond du Lac County Health Department advises residents to call their primary care provider or the SSM Health Express Clinic immediately if there are concerns or a possibility of exposure. The department stresses the importance of reaching out to these resources first in order to avoid spending time in waiting rooms as the disease is highly contagious.

Vaccination is the best way to prevent pertussis infection, according to the CDC. More resources and information can be found here.