Wauwatosa native Steve Berger killed in Las Vegas shooting

Man's friend saw him get shot
Posted: 2:51 PM, Oct 03, 2017
Updated: 2017-10-04 00:11:15-04

A Wauwatosa father is grieving the death of his son who attended a Las Vegas concert Sunday where nearly 60 people were killed in a mass shooting. 

Steve Berger, a divorced father of three, grew up in Wauwatosa and was in Vegas with friends to celebrate his 44th birthday on Saturday.

Berger's father Richard Berger confirmed with our Milwaukee sister station TODAY'S TMJ4 Tuesday that Steve had been killed in the shooting.

Richard Berger said the family was notified by the coroner's office in Las Vegas Tuesday afternoon that he had died.

One of Steve's friends told Richard Berger that he saw Steve get shot and that his eyes were closed on the ground. The friend couldn't stay with him because officials were clearing everyone out so they could get to the dead and injured.

He says he could barely stand to watch the news footage of the aftermath of the shooting as he awaited some sort of word, but could barely stand watching.  

"I can't hear the pops anymore knowing my son was there and hit," Richard Berger said. 

Richard Berger says he last spoke with his son last week about the Wisconsin/Northwestern football game and jokingly warned him about a bet he made in Vegas.