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Hospital visitors limited, case hospitalizations up in Fond du Lac Co.

Posted at 5:15 PM, Aug 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-12 18:31:31-04

FOND DU LAC CO. (NBC 26) -- There are new changes for those visiting a loved one in the hospital in Fond du Lac County. This, as health officials are growing concerned as the virus continues to spread.

Within the last two months, health officials said an increase in hospitalizations and the number of positive tests is leading St. Anges Hospital to dial back on its visitor policies.

"Today is really the most hospitalizations we've had since the start of this back in March," said Katherine Vergos, the hospital president.

Wednesday, the hospital announced instead of allowing 1 visitor every 24 hours, it's now 1 visitor per hospitalization. The changes were originally made Monday. The hospital does add compassionate care exceptions may be made in end-of-life situations.

"Because of the incidents that we're seeing and the spread that we have seen from visitors coming to our facility, and after contact tracing showing that is where our staff has obtained the virus, we've had to dial that back," Vergos added.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the county has 9 current hospitalizations and 173 active cases. Health officials add there's also been a change in who is testing positive. From contact tracing interviews, they said they know people of all ages are gathering, but in much larger groups.

"As an example, just today we received over 20 positive cases, and many of those were between 60 and 80 [years old] unlike about a month ago when we were seeing 20's and 30's," said Kim Mueller, the county public health officer.

They're asking people if you choose to gather socially, keep it small; and continue social distancing, washing your hands, and to wear a mask.

St. Agnes also mentioned, if you have questions about the virus or any symptoms, to call the county COVID line (844-225-0147) or 211. They said too many people are calling their emergency department with questions, and they need to keep that department open specifically for emergencies.