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VIP Trip: Wisconsin boys go to Brewers spring training in Phoenix

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Posted at 10:07 PM, Feb 25, 2024
and last updated 2024-02-25 23:07:49-05

De Pere teenager Brandon Krueger was among three Wisconsin boys who took a VIP trip to Milwaukee Brewers spring training in Phoenix.

Krueger, 15, and the two other boys have had health struggles.

According to Aurora Health Care, Brandon was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease when he was 12, after not growing for almost two years.

Aurora and the Brewers made the trip to spring training happen, according to a news release.

Brandon was able to practice announcing, meet his idol (Brewers player Joey Wiemer), and the three participants on the trip threw out the first pitch Sunday.

And now, Brandon is ready to play on a local travel baseball team.