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Uncle Tom's Candy Store honors military personnel and first responders

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Posted at 9:57 AM, Jul 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-04 10:57:48-04

ELLISON BAY (NBC 26) — Uncle Tom's Candy Store has never passed up an opportunity to recognize the sacrifices or service that military personnel and first responders provide daily.

Tom Collis, the original owner of Uncle Tom's, was a staunch advocate for military personnel and first responders. The candy store walls and rafters are filled with badges and tributes that symbolize Uncle Tom's created phrase "gratitude is attitude".

First Responder Badges

Uncle Tom was passionate about recognizing the people that make this country such a special place and often shared those passions during the anniversary of our national independence.

Ryan and Rebecca Mueller are the current owners of the store and believe that Uncle Tom and his legacy represent much of what makes this country such a special place to live.

They continue to double down on the unique foundational practices and beliefs that make Uncle Tom's Candy Store a timely destination to visit.

Uncle Tom's Store Corner

To honor those that fight for our independence every day, Uncle Tom's Candy Store will be giving away a free bag of candy to all military personnel and active first responders through the Fourth of July weekend.

Ryan and Rebecca strive to be inclusive and offer a beacon of gratitude for our great nation that's felt by everyone who walks thru their doors.