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Town of Peshtigo fire truck hit during car crash

Posted at 4:13 PM, Oct 31, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-31 17:13:48-04

TOWN OF PESHTIGO (NBC 26) -- While on the scene of one crash, Town of Peshtigo Fire Department says one of its vehicles became the victim of another crash Thursday morning.

The fire department says its water tender was being used for protection at a crash along U.S. Hwy 41 just before 7 a.m. A vehicle had rolled over near the Peshtigo River bridge. Firefighters were about to use the jaws of life to get a person out of the first vehicle, when another crash occurred involving two other vehicles and a fire truck.

According to the fire department, an oncoming vehicle had failed to slow down, hitting another car and the fire truck. One firefighter setting up traffic cones had to jump out of the way of the oncoming vehicle, the fire department says.

Town of Peshtigo Fire Department said no one was hurt in the second crash and the outcome would have been much worse had the fire truck not absorbed the impact.