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'The Rideshare Foodie' comes to Green Bay

Kreskin J. Torres eating with Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich
Posted at 1:03 AM, Jun 10, 2021

GREEN BAY (NBC 26) — Traveling around the country and trying new food everywhere sounds like the dream to most of us, but it's Kreskin J. Torres's reality.

“Just an extraordinary guy who’s just trying to do some amazing things in the country," he said.

Torres, known as 'The Rideshare Foodie,' is a food blogger, influencer and an army veteran.

“Basic training and boot camp, you get to mingle to so many different people from small towns and different countries," he said. "Naturally I was just like, I have to travel more.“

The Baltimore native has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles. From trying reindeer in Alaska, to chili and cinnamon rolls in Kansas (which is currently his favorite dish), he’s eaten his way through 49 states, funding his journey by driving for Uber and Lyft.

“You get to see different neighborhoods, different parts of the city," he said. "The locals know where to go. Most of the time, I was just living out of my car, just traveling across the country.”

The Foodie stopped in Green Bay this week; first, for some cheese curds and booyah at the Booyah Shed, then for some ox tail at the most colorful spot in town: Lil Jamaica.

Lil Jamaica in Green Bay

“I’m happy with my decision, it was incredible," said Torres. "A lot of the locals told me this was a place I had to definitely check out, guy has an amazing story, and Caribbean is one of my favorite, probably top five things that I like.”

Mayor Eric Genrich joined Torres for lunch, which was an incredible surprise for owner Nemard "Derron" Wilson.

“Given that I just became a U.S. citizen, I get so much from this country, and I get so much from the people." he said. “It was kind of like, an honor to know that somebody out there appreciates what we’re doing here at Lil Jamaica.”

That’s not to say Torres hasn’t had some bad experiences on the road, but he always manages to find a silver lining.

“In Oakland, somebody broke into my car," he recalled, laughing. "So I got to experience Oakland. But I found some good barbecue in the process.“

Torres just wants to get the most authentic experience everywhere he goes.

“Are people really nice? Is this the same America? And you get out and you see, there’s a resounding yes," he said. " You go to places and people don’t know you, you’re a stranger, but will offer you a place to stay; here’s my number, let me know if you need anything. They just want to make sure to have the best experience possible and they truly and genuinely want to welcome me to their city.“

One day, Torres hopes to put down roots and open his own restaurant, serving dishes from all 50 states.

“Now, I want to do something to bring people in to get a taste of what I got to experience.“

Torres also explored the Broadway Farmers Market yesterday afternoon, making sure to grab a plate of butterfly fries. Today, he will keep exploring Northeast Wisconsin, making a stop in Oshkosh. You can follow along The Rideshare Foodie’s journeys on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.