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The Massachusetts Pirates inside restaurant during shooting at Oneida Casino Complex

Massachusetts Pirates inside restaurant during shooting
Posted at 6:36 PM, May 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-03 19:44:25-04

ASHWAUBENON (NBC 26) — Wrong place at the wrong time, that’s what one professional sports team said as they were in town for a game against the Green Bay Blizzard when the unimaginable happened.

"Just heard two loud pops and initially you don't think it's a gun but you know we get up to see what it is and we see a guy holding a big big hand gun,” said Jawad Yatim, Massachusetts Pirates, Co-owner and Manager.

It was the night before Sunday’s game at the Resch Center and the team of about 30 was eating at the Duck Creek Kitchen and Bar.

"When it initially happened you didn't know the situation, you didn't know if he was just trying to kill a bunch of people, or if he had targets. Or busy with someone else, is there more than one person, you didn't know,” Yatim said.

He said they were all eating in the back of the restaurant which made it harder to escape since the large group was cornered off.

"He had followed me and my coach initially and he came back and shot the original victim another two times. So yeah he had a clear intention that day to harm specific people,” Yatim said.

After the initial shots to the first victims, he said the shooter followed them outside.

"The scariest thing was how he was probably the fact that he was able to just calmly walk up to us. He was just standing amongst us outside,” Yatim said.

He describes those moments as frightening.

He said he was wearing sandals and even lost them in the middle of the escape.

"The police hadn't responded yet and you know walked upon our group because his next target was in our vicinity and amongst us. And camly shot at point blank. So we hear the shots again and we start running again. Police start shooting. It was pretty wild,” Yatim said.

All team members did make it out safely.

While it has been a couple of days since the shooting, he said everyone is still processing what went down.